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The ideal location, thriving with arts and culture

The North West city of Lancaster is a hub of arts and culture. Home to two Universities, Lancaster proudly celebrates its heritage through contemporary art, literature, and music. In fact, both the local council and social groups are big on celebrating and showcasing the work of artists no matter the weather, or the venue!

Oftentimes, just by walking around, you can stumble upon music festivals, street markets, open-air theatre, art exhibitions and more. Thanks to Forge Weir View’s close proximity, Lancaster makes the perfect place to indulge in a wonderful array of cultural events.

Lancaster Arts is a group established by and based on the campus of Lancaster University.  The group’s aim is to showcase the work of remarkable and diverse artists, offering newcomers the opportunity to present their skills as part of their ‘Foot in the Door’ programme. They’ve been celebrating artists for over 50 years across the surrounding region, hosting theatre, dance, exhibits, comedy, the list goes on.

Alternately, there’s The Storey. Originally constructed in 1887, this building was created to offer educational opportunities to the people of Lancaster. In keeping with this, the Lancaster City Council regard this as a place for forward thinkers and creative minds. Many locally loved events call this venue home, including Lancaster Spotlight, a monthly open-mic night, and Lancaster Music Festival.

Independent business and registered charity, the Dukes is an award-winning cinema and theatre at heart, branching out into music, and outdoor screenings. Here, you can expect to see more-unconventional films, cult classics, National Theatre broadcasts and more! And for those looking to experience Northern culture firsthand, there’s always an opportunity to volunteer at one of The Dukes’ many events!

Just an eight-minute drive away from the Lancaster city centre, you can experience all of this and more right on your front doorstep at Forge Weir View. Take a look at our selection of new homes set in the idyllic semi-rural setting of Halton and discover the home of your dreams today.

The ideal location, thriving with arts and culture

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